Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oliver's Regular Pizza!

Some of you might be looking at this title and thinking ookkay, pizza so what? But to me, it was a huge accomplishment. If you are a reader of this blog, then you know that my son has multiple food allergies. And that he's outgrown some of those allergies including dairy, wheat and egg which makes some pizza now open to him! 

We went to a friends birthday party over the weekend at Chuck E Cheese and not only were they prepared for allergies, they also had the packages of the food so I could read the ingredients and a different treat for those who couldn't have the cake like Oliver. The employee there was awesome and very accommodating. 

Oliver loves food and was so thrilled to get to eat pizza! We will definitely be going back.

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  1. That is just amazing and so heartwarming! For one, to hear he has outgrown a food allergy is awesome news! Secondly, to hear that Chuck E Cheese did all they could to ensure the food he was eating was safe and that you felt comfortable....well, that's commendable! So glad you guys had a great time at his friend's birthday!